Fur & Fury
It's time to admit that NFT games are taking over the world and we as players and investors will be left with nothing if we sit on the sidelines.

What is the role of NFT in games? Previously, the purchase of in-game items had a rather negative effect on the well-being of the players: they did not really own what they paid money for. NFT fundamentally changes this system: an in-game item, being an NFT asset, is wholly owned by its owner and can be sold or exchanged on the marketplace. A player who has raised his wealth inside the game also increases his earnings in real life.
The gaming market is developing rapidly and the number of gamers is growing. In 2020 alone, the market grew by 19.6%, to $196.7 billion. The world around is rapidly digitizing and going online: paintings and other works of art are turning into NFTs, more and more different tokens and marketplaces are appearing. Not so long ago, the well-known Nyan Cat meme was sold as an NFT for $590,000, and Elon Musk’s song almost went under the hammer for $1 million. But no matter how fast the world changes, game development takes much more time than NFT art, so developers have to think several years ahead at once, just like investors.

The art of an investor is to see the potential in the project, to highlight something that will allow the game to become popular. Fortunately, Russia has never been the last country in the cyber industry, and it is not surprising that one of such promising games, the NFT 3D autobattler Fur & Fury, is now being developed by the Russian studio Lost Lore.

The Fur & Fury team relied on gaming experience, and not on its imitation, shamefully covering up bare earnings. Fur & Fury is not just a candy wrapper for a mining machine, but a full-fledged game with deep lore, various mechanics and addictive gameplay. Bearish dieselpunk on the icy plains with a slight hint of mysticism will give even a person unfamiliar with NFT the opportunity to immerse themselves in the metaverse with pleasure.
The plot of Fur & Fury is generally a subject for a separate discussion. The game's characters are anthropomorphic bears looking for a way to return heat to the sun and save the freezing world. The flying city slowly carries them to the north, where, according to legend, there is a Warm Sunset, a place where the fate of the world will be decided. At the same time, all 11 clans of bears perceive this search in their own way: someone believes that only the strongest of the bears will light the sun, others sacrifice herbivores, others try to unite the animals and not plunge civilization deeper into chaos. To some extent, the plot of Fur & Fury is an exploration of solar cults, the search for hope, and the good old post-apocalypse.

Another difference between Fur & Fury and other games is the balanced tokenomics, which allows players to earn income not only from the distribution of game tokens, but also through rewards for staking. Each character in the game has an equivalent value of FNF tokens, and the amount of security for all character tokens affects the passive income in the game. Thus, each bear has not only combat, but also economic indicators that give the player the opportunity to earn extra money: the higher the security of the player's characters, the more tokens will be credited to the player for the selected period. A “pumped” bear can not only be resold, but also rented out. It will also be possible to breed your own bears through a breeding system: with the help of two bears (NFT tokens), you create a third one that can inherit the characteristics of the parents. Such a variety of mechanics significantly increases the number of earning scenarios, which will surely please both players and investors.

The first sale of Fur & Fury bear embryos took place in the middle of this October, and all NFT tokens flew into the pockets of investors in one day! In addition to bears of different classes and clans with different abilities, there will be NFT items in the game that can be used to equip these bears.

22 December 2021
Fur & Fury — the NFT game’s teaser
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